What Is A Hybrid Bike?

We pride ourselves on not only providing great information and great reviews of hybrid bikes, but also scouring the internet to keep up to date on news about hybrid bicycles, cycling, and exercise.

That being said… “What exactly is a hybrid bike anyway?”

We just published our How To Buy A Hybrid Bike buying guide – make sure you go and check that out for full details of features and other things to consider when buying a hybrid bike.

In the meantime, we wanted to make this a separate post just because it is a question we get a lot.

The term hybrid bicycle can be confusing, especially since the automobile industry also took that term to mean a car that has both gas power and electric power for motor assist.

The corresponding term in the bicycle industry is actually electric bicycle which contains an electric motor which acts as a “pedal assist”.

A hybrid bike came about because for a long time there were simply two kinds of bikes: mountain bikes for the rough and rugged trails, and road bikes – slim and sleek specifically for riding for speed on the road.

As more people got into riding bikes for leisure or as an alternative form of commuting where speed was less of a factor, the need for a “hybrid” between the mountain bike that could be sturdy and handle bumps in the road and the road bike, something light and built for speed

Thus the term… hybrid bike

Make sure to check our Hybrid Bike Buying Guide for this and a lot more great info for when you research your hybrid bikes!

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