Future Innovations In Hybrid Bicycles ..from Bill Gates himself

Hybrid Bicycles are becoming more popular each day as alternative ways to commute continue to be come popular for both those with a stingy wallet not wanting to pay high gas prices as well as those coming of mind when it comes to pollution and conservation.

According to this article at CNN Bill Gates is entering the frey by looking to “reinvent” the bicycle.

How? By replacing that greasy bike chain with a green and clean carbon belt.

“The chain is probably the only element of the bicycle that hasn’t changed in 150 years,” says Todd Sellden. Sellden is an engineer who has been with industrial giant Gates Corporation for 25 years and is now director of Carbon Drive Systems, which produces carbon belts for bicycles. In other words, he’s in a decent position to judge a perceived lack of innovation in bike parts.”

So far the alterantive has been Sonoma’s Chainless Evolution which is amazing. It lacks a bit of the topspeed that a chain bike would provide.

Bill Gates’ solution may be a “hybrid” (pun intended) providing a clean and “chainless” solution with the carbon belt, while keeping a high topspeed

That being said, if you plan to use the hybrid bicycle more for joy riding and recreation and commuting, not caring about topspeed, we still like the Sonoma Chainless.

But who knows how the carbon belt bike may come out?

Exciting times in the hybrid bike arena!

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