Auto Insurance … and now Bicycle Insurance?

Laws differ from area to area. Here in California, bicyclists are seen as operating vehicles and most obey the same laws. Bicyclists are not supposed to ride on the opposite street. They are not supposed to ride sidewalks.

Being bicyclists ourselves, sometimes this is a scary proposition especially if the area is not conducive to non-vehicular traffic.

That being said, besides the obvious helmet and protective gear, getting insurance on your bicycle might be a good idea. It never hurts to look into it. You may think that your $300 to $500 bike may not be worth the insurance but if you upgrade your bike over time you are looking at a $1000+ investment, and bike insurance may be surprisingly inexpensive, especially if it is a rider to a current insurance policy (pun intended!!)

Check out the informative article at Fox Business: “Bicycle Insurance: Rider May Want Rider” (yes I stole the pun)

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