A Video Tutorial: What Exactly Is A Hybrid Bicycle?

A great online video tutorial we found from Ivanhoe Cycles:

There is still some confusion on what a “hybrid” bicycle is. Especially with the advent of hybrid vehicles. A hybrid auto vehicle like the Toyota Prius is more similar to an electric bike (which you can find some good info on here).

A hybrid bike is a “hybrid” between the ever-popular mountain bikes and the traditional “road” bike. About 20 years ago, the Schwinn “Ten-speed” was a popular model of a road bike with u-shaped handelbars and everything. Its “competitor” was the mountain bike which was seen as more rugged.

Both were not pratical for everyday commuter travel that required speed of a road bike but ruggedness of a mountain bike: and thus the hybrid bike was born!

See full info and our buying guide on hybrid bicycles here

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