A Video Tutorial: What Exactly Is A Hybrid Bicycle?

A great online video tutorial we found from Ivanhoe Cycles:

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Hybrid Bike Theft Story Turns Good

We keep in our newsfeeds searches related to bikes and hybrid bikes as we like to keep up to date on the industry

Sadly, much of the “bike” related news out there involves theft and bullying. We do not report on that naturally (it can be a bit depressing sometimes)

Thankfully a story such as this happens once in awhile

Bike Thief Leaves Apology Plus $10 For Bike Lock

“The officer that returned me my bicycle, he said in the 28-and-a-half years he’s been on the force, people are always apologizing because they’ve been caught. But in all that time, this is the first time he’s interacted with someone so sincere”

To Pick A Hybrid Bike Or Not: What Suits You Best

An interesting article on the Yahoo.Au site here about “Pick a cycle that suits where you are riding”

In the article they do mention that in the “old” day hybrid bikes were a bad choice with their thick wheels and plodding design

While true, hybrid bikes had definitely evolved While we do agree that road bikes are great commuter choices today (because you are mostly riding on roads), quite often these days you still want a bit of versatility in surface and shock absorption which many hybrids offer. And with the lighter and lighter frames we still consider hybrid bikes to be a great choice for the majority of uses out there


Definitely a great article to read through and educate yourself.

Video Review Of The Schwinn Women’s Discover Hybrid Bike

We have rated the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike as the far and away best selling hybrid bike for men and for women.

Check out the quick video review we found below

Schwinn continues its excellent reputation in the bicycling industry. Specifically the Discover series has really improved its design to be quite sleek and attractive. They have definitely improved offroad handing as well with better shock absorption in the design as well

You can see our review here

Forget Hybrid Bikes – Here Is A Real Alternative To Automobiles… Sort Of

We really love when we come across helpful videos, articles, and blog posts about hybrid bikes.

And sometimes we even come across the amusing (and often true) which has us smiling for one reason or another.

This is one of those articles we just had to share:

Waste-Powered ‘Poop Mobile’ Unveiled By Japanese Toilet Maker TOTO

And even a video!